For building up Community Radio Station (CRS), Multiview Network gives the whole scope of consultancy administrations beginning of the underlying phase of aiding in the filling the application to the finishing of the undertaking to the full fulfillment of the customers. Comprehensively the administrations to be given by Multiview Network are as per the following:

A. Services during project conceptualization:

  • The readiness of the calculated task report covering the primer structure of the Project.
  • The finish of gear supplement and Drawing of determinations.

B. Services during project Implementation:

  • Selection of site/building & making it suitable for the project.
  • SACFA clearance
  • Procurement of equipment including drawing of specification of
    • Transmitter equipment
    • Speech input equipment
    • Antenna
    • Tower
    • Feeder cable
    • Studio equipment
    • Power supply equipment
    • Ventilation equipment
  • Installation of various studio and transmitter equipment.
  • Testing, Integration and Commissioning.
  • Handing over and advice on maintenance.
  • Training of staff

Multiview Network likewise has in-house created FM Transmitter and reception apparatus framework for Community Radio Stations and attempts turnkey setup of the studio offices just as transmitter offices including supply and erection of the Tower.

C. Scope and Professional charges for Technical Audit of the Community Radio Station:

  • Multiview Network has been requested by the number of Community Radio Stations which are not operating with a prescribed performance of the technical quality. This degradation in technical performance has resulted in an adverse impact on the coverage area. The community radio operators also have been found to be in need of professional technical assistance for day to day technical operations and maintenance of the facility. Multiview Network Distribution Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Sector Enterprise has carried out pioneering work in setting up of community radio centers across the country. Multiview Network also has the in-house transmitter and antenna system customized for community radio operators. Multiview Network can provide its expert services for the conduct of a technical audit of the community radio facility. The technical audit shall include detailed performance measurements (as per attached format) which shall be the basis for diagnosis as well as for the required corrective action.

D. Training of Community Radio Technology.