MULTIVIEW NETWORK provides a total radio solution, installation, services and consultancy in the field of EM radio and TV broadcasting from conceptualization to commissioning on turnkey basis.

Multiview network team has been involved in setting up of many private FM radio stations from various prestigious groups that include groups like India today group, times of India group, my FM, Red FM and more.

Multiview network is providing transmission related services like operation and maintenance of the FM stations to most of the broadcast in pan India.

Multiview network’s team of senior engineers, having more than 5 years of experience in setting up and maintaining of FM Radio stations of All India Radio, are assigned such FM assignments. Our above 100 Engineers and Technicians team for supports. 

Our Services Are As Follows:

  1. Data Multicast Services
  2. Training Of Man Power
  3. Radio Solutions
  4. Consultancy Services

MULTIVIEW NETWORK also has in house transmitter and antenna system customized for community radio operators. MULTIVIEW NETWORK can provide its expert services to conduct of technical audit of the community radio facility.

The technical audit shall include detailed performance measurements (as per attached format) which shall be the basis for diagnosis as well as for the required corrective action.

The technical audit of the community radio facilityshall take about one to two days and MULTIVIEW NETWORK provides this service for a full of Rs.20, 000/-. Service tax as applicable, shall be payable extra.

The expenditure on travel and lodging shall be reimbursable on actual basis. A detailed report based on the technical audit shall be prepared to give the operations, performance measurements, faults, details, areas of concern as well as the action required to be taken for bringing the performance of the community radio facilities to the prescribed standards.